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Within the lush forests of the Philippines, you will find the pili tree. When translated, pili means chosen, thus making it “The Chosen Tree.” How its wondrous secrets were revealed began with one woman’s desire to help the farmers of the region.

In the southernmost part of the largest island of the Philippines lies a vast region called Bicol. Its natural allure is graced by beautiful beaches, virgin forests and breathtaking waterfalls.

Yet it is also a land ravaged by nature. Typhoons constantly batter its landscape while a highly-active volcano rumbles in the background. This constant pummeling from nature’s forces has kept modernization away and Bicol’s mountainsides lush and highly fertile.

Within this environment, Rosalina “Rose” Tan—a staunch advocate of organic agriculture—sought long and hard to find a means to help Bicol and its farming community. With diligence and persistence, she uncovered precious secrets held within the pili tree—a tree endemic to the forests of Bicol. Although locals had been harvesting and eating the tree’s nuts for hundreds of years, what remained untapped were the pili tree’s treasures that could be mined from its bark and pulp.

Through the help of a team of scientists and experts, the remarkable properties of the rare oils extracted from pili trees were soon uncovered. After over a decade of careful study, the secrets of the pili tree were finally revealed to the world.

Welcome PILI ANI, a luxurious skin care brand that uses 100% pili and elemi oils as its base, blended with other natural active ingredients, to give women the world over beautiful skin nourished by nature.

Natural Skin Care Backed By Science

Our formulas are developed with pili and elemi oil, along with other natural active ingredients, using the latest skin care technologies for safe and effective products that you and your skin will love.

What started as an advocacy for sustainable and organic agricultural livelihood has led to the creation of premium products that go beyond just giving beautiful skin. It gives everyone who buys the product a chance to give back. The growth of Pili Ani helps farmer communities in the Philippines maintain a sustainable livelihood and contributes to the Pili Literacy Program.

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Beauty with a Purpose

What Pili Ani started has led to a sustainable livelihood that contributes to the protection of forests in Bicol where pili trees thrive. And with every purchase of Pili Ani products, you get to contribute to the Pili Literacy Program that helps empower farmers and their families through education.

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