Beauty That Cares

A Global, Homegrown Gem 

It was Rosalina’s daughter, Mary Jane Tan Ong, who turned advocacy into a global beauty movement. “It’s not enough that we supply raw materials. The challenge we were aiming to meet was to actually develop a finished product ready for international consumption. Our vision has been to give the Philippines a place among the global beauty brands.”

Introduction of Pili Ani as an artisanal beauty brand on the international market offered unique propositions to a consumer profile that holds high regard for mindful consumption. 

Supporting Communities

Tan explains, “Our products are beneficial for skin and the work we do here also supports an entire community of pili farmers. Through Pili Ani, we are able to promote ethical farming practices, educate more people about sustainable agriculture, and uplift lives.”

Elevating The Beauty Experience

From the strict point of view of skincare, products with the Pili Ani stamp emblazoned on them are crafted to elevate the beauty experience. “Every one in the Pili Ani supply chain, from the farmers to our chemists are considered artisans,” muses Tan. 

Made by Artisans. Crafted. Never Manufactured. 

Skincare products, makeup, and spa essentials are all created with an artisenal mindset where every pot of moisturizer, bottle of serum, tube of lipstick, or roller of essential oil is a tribute to a distinctly Philippine yet global ethos for skincare and wellness. 

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