Our Story

All Natural, Organic Beauty from the Philippines

PILI ANI is a pioneer in clean, green, all-natural skincare in the Philippines. It is a company founded on vision with heart. 

When PILI ANI Founder Rosalina Tan planted the seeds for creating an all-natural, global beauty brand, a breakthrough experience of artisanal skincare blossomed.

Tan has been a staunch advocate of organic agriculture for the last 20 years. It was this commitment to the cause that led her to the discovery of Pili and Elemi oils as potent ingredients for skincare. 

“I started buying pili from organic farmers to help support them. In Bicol, where pili is indigenous, we observed how so much of the byproducts and pulp would go to waste” she recalls. 

Birth of PILI ANI Beauty

She then began extensive research and product development, working closely with scientists and chemists. This led to the discovery of the many benefits and uses of Pili and Elemi oils. 

Soon, the first batch of moisturizers and serums compounded using Pili and Elemi Oils were developed. Since the launch of Pili Ani, the company has expanded its product range to include: cosmetics, a spa line, essential oils as well as bath and body essentials. 

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